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Norms tend to vary between countries.  This page is our place to share photos we've snapped of things that are abnormal to us as Americans.  We find these things interesting and hope that you do, too.  We love Burkina even if things here are sometimes a bit . . . different.

Water spilling out of a tanker while it drives down the road.

The shell of a car on a small moto

They load every square inch

Some trucks are a little frightening

Overloaded taxi

At first I thought there was a lizard in the bag.

3 men on a small 125

Using every bit of space for people and chickens

There is an amazing amount of Obama things everywhere

Large pots on a bike

Guy on top is taking a picture of me as I took one of him

A HUGE billboard by our house "Black it is the Swag"

Big load of water carts headed to the village

This lady can multitask

Goats on a moto

Eggs on a moto

Overloading a moto with goats

I think he needs a bike rack

It can be dusty on the roads in Ouaga, best to use an eye mask to keep away dirt (I see this quite often)

This thing took up most of the road

Not sure how he managed this one

Baby seats are rare

A random statue/building in the middle of nowhere for seemingly no reason

Two men and a goat on a moto.  Keep in mind these are far smaller than an average motorcycle.

Getting near a truck can be slightly frightening

Luggage the same height as the van.   One guy holding on the back and one asleep on top.

The largest grouping of birds on a bike that I have seen yet.

Who needs a car?  A moto is just as effective.

This loaded dump truck has seen better days.
Same loaded dump truck needs some work.  It had no plans of stopping.
Bird Overload!

It is scary when people here cannot afford to properly maintain their vehicles (This truck did have a full load)

Deluxe Burkina kid bicycle seat.

Luggage rack, good for small children too!

Flipped truck are a sadly common sight, understandable when they are loaded to twice capacity.

Who needs a bus?   Why not pile into an animal truck?

Some people take carrying thing on their head to a new level.

Goats, chicken, and people piled on top of a bush taxi.  They are all alive and strangely calm.

Close-up of the goats and chickens piled on top of a bush taxi.  We are still waiting to see a cow up there.

A moto (large scooter) lodged into the back of a Land Cruiser.   Moto accidents are sadly common.

Large tank in the middle of the road by our house.  Part of a protest against water and electric cuts in Ouaga.  It was there for a few days before being pushed to the side of the road, where it remains to this day.

Motorcycle transporting live chickens . . . yes . . . live chickens.  Fairly common around here. 

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