Tuesday, March 25, 2014

At the Start

Well, we're in Burkina Faso!

It's so exciting to be at the point where we can start the journey that we've been working toward since last August.

Saying goodbye to our families, friends, and so many other people who have supported us was not the easiest thing to do, but we have had a lot of encouragement along the way as well as a very helpful team of people that we'll be working with here in Burkina. So we are eager to begin learning more about the culture and language as we start getting used to living in Africa! 

After the twenty hours of flying, we arrived around 12:30 AM on Sunday, March 23. Because of our one-week trip here last summer, we were already familiar with the airport and the house that we would be living in. So we got through everything in the airport, met up with the two interns who so kindly sacrificed part of their night's sleep to be there to pick us up, and slept soundly after getting to our house. 
The front of our house

During our first day here, we slept until almost noon since, oddly enough, our few bits of sleep on the plane during the previous night didn't do much to refresh us. We then went out to lunch with one of the interns and spent the rest of the day unpacking and getting settled into our house. Unfortunately, we've already found that Ben's computer decided to stop working out of the blue, and his headphones also broke while using them on the plane, so those weren't the happiest of surprises for us. 

After having a not-so-restful second night's sleep, we're both feeling worn out yet so thankful that God brought us here and has taken care of us so far, as we trust that He will continue to do during the many days to come. We're looking forward to doing all we can to make a difference here, but we're also looking forward to all that God will teach us through this.

If you'd like to see our new home, there's a video below that gives you the grand tour  :)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Leaving Date: March 22

With temperatures in Lima, Ohio, currently at 26 with a windchill making it feel like 16, I am ready for some heat, but perhaps 106 might be a bit hotter than what I am needing right now. It seems like yesterday that we decided that God was calling us to do this internship, and a few short months later we are fully funded......yes.....fully funded. God's call never lacks God's supply. We are very humbled by the amount of support and encouragement that we have received since we announced what was happening this past November.

Our newsletter announced that we will be leaving for Burkina on March 22nd, but we have not written about this in our blog. (Newsletters can be seen in a separate tab at the top of the page, and can also be received by e-mail if you sign up on the side of this page.) So if you did not know, we are leaving this week for Burkina to begin our internship.

This past month has been very busy for us. We packed up and cleaned out our duplex, sold most if not all unnecessary belongings, and packed most of what we own into a storage space. (Picture of the storage puzzle below.) We also have been trying to pack for our year in Burkina, as we have a two 50-pound bag allowance plus carry-on. It is not easy trying to figure out what you will need for a whole year and pack it in two bags at less than 100 pounds total.

This past week we were involved with the missions conference at our sending church, Shawnee Alliance. We told our story of how we got interested in missions at the kickoff night on Wednesday. We led the kids' fun night on Friday. We gave updates at the women's brunch and men's prime rib dinner on Saturday. We were commissioned in all three services on Sunday morning. Lastly, we shared our travel plans and prayer requests at the leadership meeting on Sunday night. (Pictures throughout.)

We are excited about what God has done, is doing, and will do through all of this. It has not really set in yet that we are moving to Africa, but I guess it will soon enough. God has given us a good amount of peace about what lies before us.

I just want to thank everyone who has become a part of what God has for this year. It has been encouraging and humbling for both of us. We know that He will do great things in and with everyone involved through this whole process.