Saturday, January 18, 2014

January Fundraising Update

January so far has been a month of much encouragement for me.

We've been officially fundraising since November, but we hit a bit of a wall over the holidays, which I certainly understand since everyone has many extra things going on during that season that are competing for time and attention. We were somewhat stalled in our fundraising at around 10% of our overall amount needed for the year ($44,000). However, in January we have already had multiple opportunities to share what we're doing with many more people. We've been grateful to be able to speak with people individually, give a presentation in the children's church at Shawnee Alliance, meet to share with a small group from our church, and have an article on our internship published in the Lima News on January 11. Plus, we've scheduled several more upcoming opportunities to share about our passion for going to Burkina Faso.

We were surprised that we even got a spot in the highlights on the front page!

I'm excited to say that we now have a little over 25% of the money we need! We're so thankful for all of you who have already supported us financially, and we're praying for you regularly.

Now, of course, it's unfortunately evident that 25% isn't quite there yet, so we do still have a large need as far as finances go. Our original intention was to go to Burkina by the end of January, and that cannot happen yet because we are missing the remaining 75% of the finances we need. However, I'm currently feeling at peace with the fact that if God has a year in Burkina Faso in store for Ben and me, He will get us there in His timing.

Am I getting a little restless to move from the fundraising part to actually doing the internship? Of course. But our aim is now to get there in time to celebrate our birthdays in Burkina (Ben's is March 26 and mine is April 5). Maybe that is still not God's timing for us to be there, and we'll continue to trust Him if it's not, but would you join us in praying that the rest of the donations that we'll need to begin this internship would come in?

The full news article is linked here as well- it gives a great overview of how we decided to do this internship and what we hope to accomplish through it.

Appreciating all of you,