Friday, February 7, 2014

During the Waiting

I recently was reading back through Genesis. Thinking upon the many miraculous things that God did for His children back then reminds me of what I need to remember in this time while Ben and I wait to see God's plan, being unsure of when the finances will be there for us to begin our internship. Genesis 18 describes the well-known story of God telling Abraham that he will have the son that God had promised to him, despite the fact that he and his wife Sarah were far too old by then to do such a thing. When Sarah laughs to herself at this news, verse 14 says, “Is anything too hard for the Lord? I will return to you at the appointed time next year and Sarah will have a son.” Of course, that happened just the way God said it would.

Two things that I notice from this situation: First off, the timing seemed completely wrong from a human viewpoint. Abraham and Sarah had been waiting to have their promised son for so long, but not until way beyond the point of them giving up hope did God give them their son Isaac. I can't imagine having my first child at age 90; that is some seriously odd timing. Secondly, when I really think about the question, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” I quickly come to the remembrance—of course not! During this time that the two of us are waiting to be able to go to Burkina Faso, the place where we trust that God has called us, we must remember that sometimes God's timing isn't what we expect yet also that nothing is too hard for Him, even bringing in our funding as quickly as the end of March when we aim to move.

Perhaps Ben and I are not the only ones who currently feel like we're in a waiting situation, needing to trust God to provide when everything seems so unsure. However, not only must we trust Him for the timing and for the “impossible,” but I'm also continuously reminding myself not to waste the time that I have right now while I feel like I'm waiting for God's direction. I am very guilty of having done that throughout growing up, thinking that everything will be great just as soon as I get the new toy I want . . . am on summer break . . . can drive . . . get a boyfriend . . . finish college . . . start a teaching job . . . take a vacation . . . get married . . . move.

While looking forward to things like these certainly isn't wrong, it takes some effort not to let moving on to the next big, exciting thing become more of a focus than living each “boring” day fully in the Lord, looking for opportunities to share His Word and His love. Every single day I'm blessed with is one to make the most of, whether it's here in Lima or over in Ouagadougou. I need to remind myself of this as much as anybody. Might you need to remind yourself to make the most of the waiting days, too?

Striving to trust God for the timing and for the impossible,